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Pain Killers Chiropractic

If you would like to explore some background and benefits of chiropractic practices please feel free to explore below.  If you are ready to get more information or schedule an appointment let us help you find the best chiropractors in New York.

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Chiropractic refers to a specific kind of alternative medical care that takes a unique approach, different from traditional medicine, when it comes to diagnosing and treating a variety of medical issues.

In addition to using alternative treatments, chiropractors use a technique known as spinal manipulation. The idea behind the treatment is to properly align the patient’s musculoskeletal structure, especially their spine, which allows their body to naturally heal itself without the need for conventional medicine or invasive surgery. Chiropractors use manipulation in order to restore a person’s mobility in their joints that may be limited by tissue injury due to repetitive stress, a traumatic event, or sitting for long periods without adequate back support.

Overall, chiropractic is mostly used as an alternative form of pain relief concerning several different areas of the body, including muscle structure. Occasionally, it’s also used in combination with traditional medical treatments as well.

Because chiropractic services are a form of professional health care that primarily focus on the key relationship between a person’s spine and the overall structure of their body, it’s typically used to treat certain musculoskeletal conditions, including issues with the following:

• Connective tissues, including tendons, ligaments, and cartilage
• Muscles
• Bones
• Joints

An experienced family chiropractor can offer the following fundamental chiropractic concepts, including:

• Helping the body to naturally heal itself from a number of issues
• Helping restore the health and function of the spine, therefore boosting the overall health of the patient

In general, chiropractic care is given with the objective of normalizing the key relationship between the function and structure of a patient’s spine and body while it continues to heal.

Lower Back Pain and Chiropractic Care

If you’re experiencing chronic back pain, your local chiropractor or family chiropractor will take a close look at your medical history in addition to performing a physical exam, and may potentially use diagnostic imaging or lab tests to determine what specific treatment is necessary for you.

The overall treatment may consist of multiple manual physical adjustments, whereby the chiropractor will proceed to manipulate the joints using sudden force in order to improve the patient’s quality and range of motion. Also, several chiropractors offer nutritional advice along with exercise or rehabilitation suggestions in the plan as well. The primary goal of receiving chiropractic care involves preventing an injury and/or restoring a function in addition to addressing lower back pain.

Chiropractic care and spinal manipulation are both considered effective methods for treating acute lower back pain, the kind of injury that often results from getting tackled while playing sports or moving heavy furniture. Acute lower back pain usually lasts around 6 or 7 weeks and in most cases tends to heal all on its own.

Studies illustrate that chiropractic care is also very helpful in treating headaches as well as neck pain. Furthermore, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis may effectively respond to deep tissue massage that many chiropractors use today.

What Are the Benefits of Receiving Chiropractic Care?

Each specific treatment is based on how well your back pain is accurately diagnosed by your doctor. However, for the best results possible, your local chiropractor needs to know your entire medical history, your lifestyle habits, any medications that you currently take, your history of surgical trauma, and any ongoing medical issues you’re facing. To be on the safe side, it’s best to check with your primary physician in order to ensure that your particular condition will likely benefit from receiving chiropractic care or any other pain-relieving alternatives as well.

Also, individuals who suffer from inflammatory arthritis, spinal cord compression, acute osteoporosis, or take medications to thin the blood should avoid spinal manipulation in most cases. It’s also important for people with a past history of cancer to get the okay from their primary physician before they undergo spinal manipulation.

Why Do People Need Chiropractors?

The medical industry estimates that more than 100 million Americans visit a chiropractic clinic each year. Of those visits, over 80 million are due to back and/or neck pain. According to a recent study, nearly 45 percent of all people who received chiropractic care did so because of issues with their lower back. And, over half of those stated that their symptoms were ongoing. Most people visit a chiropractor for one or more of the following reasons:

• Back or neck pain
• Repetitive stress and strain
• Serious sports injury
• Chronic headaches

Sometimes people seek chiropractic treatment for other issues as well, like arthritis or joint stiffness.

Today more than ever, lower back pain appears to be a common medical issue that occurs in at least 25 percent of the overall population. In general, the majority of people will experience substantial back pain or neck pain at least once throughout their lifetime.